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We are deeply rooted in our region and love the people and the landscape. But our vines are rooted deeper than we are in soils of special origin.

The Traisen river has been shaping our soils for 23 million years. With the disappearance of the primeval sea, rivers and streams emerged, including the Traisen, which deposited debris from the limestone Alps in our region. This soil – the Hollenburg-Karlstetten Formation, or conglomerate for short – is a calcareous mixed soil that can also occur as marl in combination with sand. Later, during the Ice Age, there was heavy drifting and entire mountains were eroded by the wind and also blown here. Loess consists mainly of silt, lime and clay.
In combination with our cool climate, where the harvest lasts well into October, these cool soils produce cool, mineral and very long-lived wines.

Tom Dockner Winery

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Enjoy the variety of wines and experiences we offer. Surrounded by vineyards and picturesque panoramic views, our tastings offer an incomparable, exclusive setting in which to experience our wines.
Tom Dockner Winery

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At over 350 meters above sea level, facing south-southeast, the Pletzengraben vineyard towers above the valley. The vines planted in 2009 are rooted in calcareous conglomerate, which is only slightly overlaid by glacial loess deposits of silt and limestone.
The Pletzengraben stands for lime, elegance and spice.
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The Hochschopf vineyard sits enthroned on terraces up to 350 meters above sea level, facing east-southeast. Here, our oldest vines are rooted in loess made of silt and limestone. The calcareous conglomerate is also partially visible. The old vines give the wine density, noblesse and depth.
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